About me


My name is Jingcheng Chen and I am an architect/designer/programmer working and living in Zürich, Switzerland, originally from China.

I majored in Architecture. However, my binding interest is in computer science and advanced technologies. Therefore, my works are diversified across architectural design, digital creation, digital fabrication, web/software development. In general, I like making designs and solutions with code and always up for the new challenges.



  • rhinopython, a plugin to programme rhinopython in vscode
  • suodo, an iOS math game
  • etwas-chrome,a chrome extension
  • falcon, a grasshopper plugin for matrix and quaternion calculation
  • vivetrack, a grasshopper plugin for tracking system using HTC Vive

Experiences & Awards

  • 2009 Certification of National Undergraduate Innovation Programs, Shanghai
  • 2010 Second Prize of College Award (Sculpture), Shanghai
  • 2011 First Prize of College Award (Graphic Design), Shanghai
  • 2011 Certification of Digital Fabrication in AAC Digital Future 2011 workshop, Shanghai
  • 2011 Internship in Archi-Union Architectural Studio, Shanghai
  • 2011 Internship in Lin Tung-Yen & Li Guo-Hao Architects, Shanghai
  • 2012 Survey & Mapping of Historic Buildings in Bugaoli Lilong, Shanghai
  • 2014 Certification of the aac Research Lab of “Amphibious Hamburg”, Hamburg

Participated Architectural Projects

I like...

  • rhino, grasshopper
  • fullstack web technologies: javascript, typescript (React, Nest), Python (Flask)
  • photoshop, illustrator, indesign
  • ROS
  • indie rock, alternative