An iOS math riddle game based on React Native.
Chen, 2018-05-10

This is my first iOS app developed based on the React Native framework. Turns out that react native is super fast for developing apps like this, as long as you are comfortable with React. The dev time took only less than two days. Although it is a very simple app.

Back to the app it self: it is a free math puzzle game that sharpens your mind.

Suodo is a game designed to train your brain with a series of number sequences, where you have to find out the logic behind to give the next right number. The game keeps everything simple -- even the interface and the only kind of questions -- so that you can focus on the numbers itself and drive full speed of your mind on the logic. It can perfectly fill your spare time and keeps your mind sharp. Come and take your challenges, as this game can be really hard in the end!

To download it on AppStore.