Vivetrack - a grasshopper plugin

A grasshopper plugin to use HTC vive for indoor positioning.
Chen, 2017-09-10

This plugin is opensource and is published at my github. Please check github for up-to-date versions and info

ViveTrack is a grasshopper plugin that allows you to track your HTC Vive devices 6DoF, for instance your HMD, controllers, trackers and even customized trackers. It is vastly simplified for specially architecture students and you can basiclly plug&use without complicated setup.



Currently ViveTrack is only used for tracking 6DoF positions of Vive devices, which can be used for Indoor Positioning, for instance tracking your DIY robots, drones, users hands and other stuff that you want to get position into Rhino/Grasshopper.




There are a few things you need to install and setup before using ViveTrack:

  1. update your SteamVR to Beta Version.

  2. Open the configuration file default.vrsettings with a text editor following C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\settings\default.vrsettings

  3. Change requireHmd key from true to false (so taht you can run without HMD)

  4. Change neverKillProcesses key from false to true (important! otherwise your rhino will crash once SteamVR stops running)

  5. If SteamVR is running, close and restart it.


Installation of ViveTrack is a normal process like installing other Grasshopper plugins. Simply download ViveTrack, unzip them, copy ViveTrack.gha and openvr_api.dll into your Grasshopper/Libraries Folder. Remember to unblock them. Start Rhino, before running Grasshopper, type GrasshopperDeveloperSettings in Rhino console, and uncheck Memory load *.GHA assemblies using COFF byte arrays, then start Grasshopper.

User Guide

Please refer to Wiki page for user guides.