A chrome extension - etwas

A chrome extension for making notes.
Chen, 2018-01-14

After looking for a proper sticky note app on windows, I could barely find one that suits my needs — easy to use, and good-looking.

The windows original sticky note can be an option. But I hate the fact that it occupies my taskbar which I cannot close. Therefore, I decided to make my own — “etwas”, based on chrome extension, which replaces the new tab page and offers different gadgets including but not limited to the sticky note.

your virtual space in chrome

Etwas, meaning "something" in German, is a well-designed, fine-tuned productivity extension that replaces your dull plain new tab with interactive sticky notes, clock, modern art paint, some adorable plants and more. "New Tab", which you see even more often than your desktop, becomes the best place to remind you with unmissable sticky notes.


Here is a short video that gives you a glimpse of what it does.

Want to try it now? Download the chrome extension