Roof Cloud

Parametric research lab of “Amphibious Hamburg”.
Chen, 2014-05-09

Roof Cloud is a project done at aac(academy of architectural culture) parametric research lab of “Amphibious Hamburg” in 2014.

This short research attempts to figure out how parametric design, especially form-finding approach, contributes to complex long span structure such as stadia, gyms, etc. In design of a hypothetical temporary aquatic center, we had to study the performance of membrane and tried to apply it smartly from structural point of view. Based on natural shape of site we developed a triangular grid where two competition pools are arranged accordingly. 11 big pillars are placed in midpoints of the triangular main grid. The roof arise from pillars both are covered with membrane.

Through grasshopper & kangaroo, a hexagonal membrane-structure module is designed based on triangular grid. Each module has self-structural integrity theoretically. The forms of modules vary from each other according to spaces beneath. These modules are connected and merged to each other and put on a rigid roof frame to finally form the roof cloud. A physical model is also build to test and demonstrate possibility of the membrane structure.