An online web app for configurating css loaders.
Chen, 2023-12-05

Loadership.com is a side project of mine, which is an online web app for configurating css loaders.


Every time I try to make a new project, I feel the pain to find a proper loader to fit it, being it either color, shape, size, timing etc. Hence, I decided to make a tool to help generate loaders with ease.

As written in the website:

LoaderShip is the ultimate CSS-only loader configuration tool that allows you to effortlessly customize and generate stunning loaders for your website. Simply Copy & Paste without any installation or dependency hassle.

At the time of writing, it has around 12 loaders to configure. Of course, the idea is to add more loaders in the future.


In the configurator page, one can customize the loader by changing the color, size, shape, timing, and even the animation type. The loader will be updated in real-time as the user changes the configuration.

After configuring the loader, the user can copy the generated code and paste it into their project.