Fabricating Swirl

An weaving installation built in digital future, Shanghai
Chen, 2011-05-15

The Fabricating Swirl, is an installation built in AAC shanghai, 2011. It is built through low-tech fabricating approaches. Basically we designed a chandelier-styled tube, with steel compression rings as joint adn woven wood veneer as tension members. Key specificity of this model is a special way of weaving is designated to reach its elasticity and strains. The model is built, unfolded and numbered in rhino as a physical model guidance. Then the veneer is manually fabricated and assembled into modules accordingly. The cost is under 7000 RMB in total, including 2000 RMB wood veneer, 4000 RMB steel rings, 1000 RMB lifter rental. The installation took a week in total.