Cyber Physical Macro Material

Master thesis in University of Stuttgart.
Chen, 2018-05-02

This is my master thesis project back in University of Stuttgart, which I have worked for a full year together with other two colleagues Miguel Aflalo and Behrooz Tahanzadeh.

In this project, we explored how architecture can benefit from the use of technology through the development of a modular canopy adaptive structure nurtured with technological resources able to respond to external stimuli from the environment including its users. As the outcome of this research, we seek to demonstrate an open-ended autonomous building system conceived under the influence of robotics, AI and other fields that permeate contemporary architecture, with the intention to be a contribution to the architecture and engineering fields justifying the use of the term “intelligent structure.”


This master is featured and published by ICD(Institute for Computational Design and Construction). Please refer for detailed information.

It is also published in Detail Magazine 12.2018 Roof Structures, with title of Dynamic and reconfigurable roof structure.

Our paper can be downloaded here in Springer.


The final prototype has been exhibited by Creative Robotics 2018 Event - Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria.