Swarm Robotic Fabrication

Surface following construction based on truncated octahedron tessellation.
Chen, 2016-10-19

This is a 3-day workshop result tutored by Nathan Melenbrink. The study focused on simultaneously building structure, using structure component itself as a fabrication agent, and sensing the status of the built structure, thus adjusting its building process and subsequence.

Particularly in my study, I concentrated on Surface Following Construction Based On Truncated Octahedron Tessellation. Basically, I chose Truncated Octahedron as a modular to assemble into a large-scale structure, since this modular has the property to connect with each other perfectly seamlessly.

To build a bridge-shaped structure, firstly the agents start to assemble from both sides of the bridge foundation. And while the tension and compression force sensed in the agent is within limitation, the agents continue to build. While once the force exceeds the limitation, agents will assemble as the week point and strengthen the structure, until the whole structure is built up.

The detailed information and demonstration can be seen in the video below.

https://youtu.be/h2HWsWEy2pg Watch the video